Craig Marshall—Cubensis

Craig plays a Godfrey Daniels “Ghostfinger” custom electric guitar with DiMarzio Super II pickups and the full OBEL setup. It’s a 2-piece swamp-ash body and a maple/purpleheart neck. He plays a standard 10-46 gauge set by DR Strings. His backup guitar is a Phred “Wohph” also with the full OBEL setup. Craig’s pedalboard consists of a Hub-Bub (OBEL router), a vintage “Horsie” Klon, Fulltone Fat Boost, Boss BD-2 Blues Driver, “Thick Air” boost pedal, MXR Phase 100, Analogman Bi-Chorus, Boss DD-20 delay, Boss OC-2 Octaver, EH Q-Tron+ envelope filter, and a Fulltone “Clyde” wah wah. Craig uses the Telefunken 2mm graphite picks and cables by Kidd’s Kables. Craig’s club amplifier is a ’64 Fender Twin Reverb, and his big outdoor rig is a SMS Classic tube preamp into a McIntosh 2120 power amplifier driving a 2-12” Hard Truckers cabinet loaded with a pair of JBL E-120 speakers.