Dave Hebert

Dave’s main axe is a 2011 Troy Post guitar inspired by a Cripe Eagle with a neck thru design, and is a 3-ply, Walnut/Maple/Walnut construction. It has an electronics setup just like Garcia’s Rosebud guitar, with the OBEL, three Dimarzio Super II’s, custom buffer by Brian White. Dave uses the Garcia pick, the 2mm Adamas Graphite but will alternately use a 2mm Gator at times. Dave’s other main axe is an Eastman TV59, a clone of a ’59 Gibson ES-335.

Daves pedal chain consists of an SMS Solar Flare distortion, a Mutron Phaser 3, Mutron Octaver, a Mutron III envelope filter, and a MXR Carbon Copy analog delay.

Instead of lugging heavy amplifiers, Dave uses the Helix Stomp amp modeler running the Twin Reverb model and into a virtual pair of JBL E120 speakers. This then connects directly to the PA and monitor system.