Evan Jones – Xtra Ticket

Evan’s current main axe is a very rare (1 of 30) Ibanez “Cowboy Fancy” guitar identical to what Weir used in the late ‘70s – early ‘80s. Like Ace, Evan also uses the Dunlop Jazz 1 pick for that distinctive feel and tone. Evan’s pedal lineup consists of a SMS Earth Drive, Boss Super OD, TC Analog Chorus/Flanger, Boss Super Phaser, and a classic Boss DD3 digital delay. He inserts an Ernie Ball volume pedal to take control of his overall loudness.

Evan’s amp rig is a custom version of the SMS Classic tube preamp fed into a QSC GX3 power amplifier and then into a pair of JBL E120 speakers loaded in a Hard Truckers style cabinet made by Dave Hebert and modded by John Reuter.

Evan said he is eagerly awaiting a new guitar very soon, a Rich Hoeg built Blacknife with cocobolo body wood.