Psychedelic Painter Jack Shure Designs For Skull and Roses!

This spring, Colorado-based artist Jack Shure shares his new exclusive poster designed for 2024 Skull and Roses VI. The super cool 16” x 20” poster is made of brushed aluminum, Jack explains, “It’s all about transparencies so it’s showing the sheen of the metal underneath, opacities from layering white base layers and UV varnishes and gloss on top. It’s a similar process to a preparing art for screen print but the printing is done on a Swiss printer that’s over a million bucks, pretty high tech.”

Jack’s creative process starts with usually three to five sketches. Building his ideas while trying different potential compositions, he draws and chooses the best one. A final inking or a Procreate drawing, then color in Procreate, and a separation of layers rounds out his design. The visual story on the poster was inspired by specific experiences. “I thought about how it feels listening to the Dead on a sunny day on the beach. I was thinking about the lyrics from Estimated Prophet, particularly ‘the burning shore.’ California iconography mixed with Grateful Dead is one of my favorite amalgamations,” Jack shared. Listening to a lot of Reconstruction and Robert Hunter’s Jack O’ Roses, he made a psychedelic ocean wave curl with a skeleton kickin’ back, riding the wave in the mind. The fantastic poster will be available for sale at the annual oceanside festival at Ventura County Fairgrounds in California. It’s an iconic Skull and Roses image for sure!

Lately, Jack and his wife, artist Krystalyn Jade and their daughter Edah hang out high in the mountains in their new studio making art. His studio dream come true, he believes his work changed and even improved in a lot of areas because of the additional light and space. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring, they paint. Driven by the creativity in the moment, Jack uses symbols, texture, color, and composition in the best reckless way possible. His work is fearless and fun, he sees no boundaries and makes radical assemblages pictures on canvas that lure you into a world of surreal figurative designs and bright color. Enamored by hot-rod culture, the psychedelic poster art masters, and other low-brow concepts, his seasoned oil painting techniques blend so many meanings through all the different layers of his subjects.

Opening a new show the first of March with Collect Bean, Jack stays busy. He has some new embroidered projects coming soon as well. “I like to keep my workflow eclectic because it keeps me excited and the fans guessing about what will be next,” he reflected. He makes a point to create as much as possible. “I feel like I have to honor the people that support me and the life that art has given me. It’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to religion. It’s my way of life,” he said.

Photographs by Krystalyn Jade

Trina Calderón is an LA-based writer, proud to be a part of the sunshine daydream of the Grateful Dead.