Jeff Mattson

Jeff Mattson’s rig is pretty authentic Jerry. He has two main axes and a couple of others that get rotated into the fold at times. One is called the Mattsoncaster II, a custom build by Brad Sarno made from Warmoth parts; an ash body with flame maple cap finished in clear blue. The neck has an ebony fretboard. The electronics are straight up Jerry Rosebud with the 3 Dimarzio Super II pickups, a Roland MIDI system installed, a Waldo Tiger buffer, and the full two-cord OBEL setup. Jeff also plays an authentic reproduction of Jerry’s famous ’77 white Travis Bean TB500 with the full OBEL setup as well. Jeff also has a Travis Bean TB1000A, a D’Angelico (similar to a Les Paul) with Lindy Fralin humbuckers. And for acoustic work, Jeff plays a Taylor.

Photograph by © Bob Minkin

Jeff’s pedal setup uses a Sarno custom OBEL routing box to connect the pedals into his OBEL (On Board Effects Loop). His pedals include a Mutron Octavider, Mutron III envelope filter (original), SMS Solar Flare distortion, MXR Phase 100, Boss digital delay, and SMS Earth Drive overdrive. The amp rig is classic Jerry with the SMS Classic tube preamp into one channel of a McIntosh Mc2300 amplifier which in turn drives a pair of 2-12” JBL loaded speaker cabinets which Jeff stacks as a four-speaker tower.