John Lee Shannon

John plays a 2017 Fender Custom Shop “1969” Stratocaster with Fender Handwound 69 pickup in the neck and middle positions and a Handwound Texas Special pickup in the bridge position. His amplifier is an original 1968 Sunn 100s with matching 2-15” cabinet loaded with JBL D-140F speakers. John’s pick of choice is a Pick Boy Vintage Celluloid Rainbow at .75mm, and his strings are D’Addario NYXL 10-46. His pedal chain, from start to finish, consists of a Sonic Research ST-200 strobe tuner, Bearfoot Pale Green compressor, JAM Wahcko, Lovepedal Rubber Chicken envelope filter, Greer Super Hornet octave fuzz, Walrus Audio Plainsman clean boost, Bearfoot Honey Beest OD, Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe, Chase Bliss Wombtone analog phaser, Walrus Audio Monument tremolo, Catalinbreat Belle Epoch Tape Echo, Catalinbreat Echorec delay, Strymon Lex rotary speaker simulator, Catalinbread Topanga spring reverb, and finally an Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger. All of this is powered by a Walrus Audio Phoenix power supply and gets routed through a Road Rage trube bypass looper all sitting atop an Elevation Series pedalboard by Creation Music Company.