Joni Bottari—Brown Eyed Women

Joni plays a Wolf guitar by Pat O’Donnell at Resurrection Guitar. It is OBEL (2-cord, on board effects loop) equipped and has a pair of Dimarzio Super II pickups for the middle and bridge positions and a Kent Armstrong single coil at the neck. Joni just took delivery of her new and second Wolf, also by Pat at Resurrection. This one is a bit different as it’s set up with two P-90 pickups for a more classic Gibson approach. Joni plays with the Adamas 2mm graphite pick. Her pedalboard has the Hub-Bub by Godfrey Daniels to facilitate the 2-cord OBEL system and to connect everything. Her pedals include a Boss tuner, a Boss OC-2 Octaver, a vintage MuTron III envelope filter, a modern MicroTron IV envelope filter, an SMS Earth Drive overdrive, SMS Solar Flare distortion, Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, Brian White Thick Air boost, MXR Phase 100, MXR Carbon Copy analog delay, and finally a TC Electronic Flashback delay. From there, the amp rig consists of an SMS Classic JG tube preamp into a Quilter MicroPro Mach II amplifier then into a JBL D120F speaker.