Mario Saravia – Legion of Mario

Mario plays a few guitars. One is a 2004 Fender American Standard Stratocaster with the full “Tiger” electronics setup including; OBEL, Waldo buffer, 2 DiMarzio SDS-2 pickups and one SDS-1 in the neck position all modded by Brian White of IO Guitars. The Strat has a custom made birdseye maple neck with ebony fretboard, compound radius, Jescar stainless frets 51108-SS, and oil finish. Next is an original ’66 Stratocaster with Waldo buffer added and re-fretted with stainless steel frets. And in the works is a new High Water Miracle custom guitar that will hopefully be ready in time for 2022 Skull & Roses. For acoustic work he plays an ’87 Ovation Legend and a 1983 Martin HD-28.

Mario’s pick of choice is the Adamas Graphite 2.0mm, but he plays a variety as well. His strings of choice for live shows is a set by Stringjoy gauged 10-48.

His pedals are all routed thru an OBEL box made by Brian White at IO. The effects consist of: Q-tron envelope filter, Sarno Earth Drive, Sarno Solar Flare, Boss DD-20 delay, MXR Phase 100 and/or MuTron Phaser, Boss OC-2 Octaver, a Boss RV-500 reverb, and a Peterson tuner.

Mario’s amp setup includes an SMS Classic Tube Preamp with “SPUD” mod, McIntosh MC50 power amplifier, and either one or 2 JBL K-120 speakers. Sometimes he’ll use a Mesa Boogie Mark IV amplifier, a ’66 Fender Super Reverb amplifier, or a Fender Twin Reverb. Sometimes he’ll use a Fractal AX8 digital modeler to emulate and re-create these tools in a portable form.