Come see this instrument and all of the others that have been spotlighted on the Wall of News in the Dusty Strings Exhibit at Skull and Roses this year.

“The G&L”

Built in May of 1981
Bought by the Grateful Dead 10-28-81
Premiered on stage by Phil Lesh 12-26-81, and played exclusively through 11-26-82 for a total of 61 consecutive shows.

Photograph David Gans

This was the last 4 string bass Phil played on stage before switching permanently to 6 string basses on 12-26-82.

This was the bass Phil was playing when the “Phil Zone” moved from stage left to stage right.

Mahogany body, Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard. Tobacco Sunburst.

This bass was modified from stock by the Dead to be a one of a kind instrument.

These were the last instruments designed by Leo Fender. He had left Fender the company he founded, and that still bears his name, to start a new company (G&L) to design and build these basses, the G&L 2000.

Photograph © Jay Blakesberg