Rob Eaton

Rob’s main guitars are very authentically Weir; a Hoeg Blacknife with EMG pickups, a ’67 Gibson ES345, and an Ibanez “Cowboy Fancy” reproduction #30. He uses the fat, rounded edge of a Dunlop Jazz II pick. His strings of choice are D’Addario EXL115’s. 

Rob doesn’t use pedals but instead has an entirely rack-mounted rig. He has a wireless transmitter on the guitar, and the receiver is the entry point for the very tall rack behind him. After the receiver, the signal hits a rack tuner and then goes into either of two Mesa Boogie preamps depending on the show’s era and the guitar chosen. 

Photograph by © Bob Minkin

For more modern tones he uses the Mesa Dual Rectifier preamp, and for pre-’80s tones he uses an older Mesa Boogie Studio Tube Preamp. From there the signal feeds a boutique, analog stereo chorus effect, and from here on out the signal is true stereo. He then hits a pair of Warm Audio Pultec tube equalizers for even more “tube” and tone shaping. Then for even more tone control and signal driving there is a Meyer VX1 EQ. 

Finally from there the stereo signal reaches a Mesa 2/90 tube power amplifier. The output of the Mesa amp is tapped thru a Radial JDX1 to capture the actual power amp output and convert it to a DI signal to go direct to the PA system for the audience to hear. Then the power also drives a tower of four alnico JBL speakers, two D120’s and two K120’s. But those speakers aren’t miked. They are there for his own personal monitoring and feel and to fill out the stage sound.