Scott Cooper


Photograph Lisa Sofranko

For years, Scott’s main axe has been a Gibson CS-336 semi hollow body electric, but more recently he’s taken to a 2008 Fender Highway One Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Pickups. Scott also eagerly awaits his Rick Turner Electroline guitar and hopes to have it by April for the Skull & Roses performance. Scott’s preferred guitar pick is the Cool Picks medium with the “cat’s tongue” texture and at a 1mm thickness. He mostly prefers these because of the grip and how hard they are to drop. Scott uses Curt Magnan nickel plated steel 10-46 strings. His pedal chain typically consists of a TC Electronic Polytune tuner, a 10-band MXR EQ for some mid scooping, Wampler Ego compressor, SMS Earth Drive, MXR Phase 90, and a volume pedal. Scott’s main amp is a Fat Jimmy Gigmaster 40 with a single 12” Fat Jimmy speaker. For smaller, quieter gigs he likes to use a Fender Princeton Reverb reissue.