By Brad Sarno

Scott Gillan—Garcia Birthday Band

Scott plays three main basses. First, a 2007 Rickenbacker 4003. Next, a 2002 Ibanez 375M 5-string, heavily modified with Aguilar OBP-32k preamp and DCB-2 pickups. Finally, a 1981 Stage Guitars Precision Bass clone loaded with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups and Stellartone Tonestyler passive EQ system. Each bass is strung with Elixir 45-105s or DR Halfwound strings. Scott prefers to use Mogami cables. He plays with a pick and likes the Telefunken 1.6mm graphite (Mike Gordon), but more often plays with the Fender Nylon .72mm or Tortex “clear” .75mm, or whatever is handy at the time. Scott has mostly forgone using stage amplifiers and likes to run directly into an Avalon U5 without any effects at all. Since he uses in-ear-monitors (his are by Ultimate Ears), this suits the situation perfectly. When he does happen to use stage amplification, Scott uses a Trace Elliot Transit B preamp into a MarkBass LittleMark Tube 800 into a pair of 2×12” RoehrWorks custom cabinets side by side.

Brad Sarno is a musician and inventor. With his wife Auset, he runs Sarno Music Solutions, which creates equipment that, among other things, allows guitarists to sound like a certain well known former Grateful Dead guitarist. He is the ideal guy to write the Tone Zone.