By Brad Sarno

Barry Sless

Barry plays Scott Walker Custom electric guitars strung with D’Addario XL115 strings gauged .011-.049. I likes to pick with a V-Pick. His He uses Kidd’s (Candelario) Cables and custom pedalboard with switcher. He uses a Godfrey Daniels HubBub for his pedal routing. Barry’s effects pedals include a Sarno Music Solutions Earth Drive, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Super Hornet Fuzz, Strymon Mobius, Source Audio Nemesis Delay, Dunlop mini Wah-Wah, and an Electro Harmonix Q-Tron envelope filter. Barry’s pedal steel guitar rig includes a Sierra Custom 12 string with 7 pedals and 7 knee levers, a Hilton volume pedal, Steeler’s Choice seat, Jeffran finger picks, Dunlop thumb pick, and D’Addario NYXL E9 pedal steel strings gauged .012-.056.

Photographs © Bob Minkin

Brad Sarno is a musician and inventor. With his wife Auset, he runs Sarno Music Solutions, which creates equipment that, among other things, allows guitarists to sound like a certain well known former Grateful Dead guitarist. He is the ideal guy to write the Tone Zone.