Teenager by day, Shredder by night…

Bella with Jerry’s Alligator

When she’s not studying for exams, 16 year old lead guitarist Bella Rayne (Ficili), can be found jamming Dead tunes in dive bars all over Northern California nearly every weekend, and has recently joined the stage with the likes of Zach Nugent (JGB, ZN Deadset), Sunshine (Garcia) Becker (Furthur, JGB), Dave A’Bear (JGB, Steely Dead), Elliott Peck (Midnight North), Cheryl Rucker (JGB), Alex Jordan (Cubensis), Pete Sawyer (LHMWG), Scott Guberman (Phil Lesh), Bearly Dead and other musicians in the GD community who have welcomed her with open arms. “Never in a million years did I ever think I would be having these crazy experiences. I can’t thank people like Zach and Sunshine enough for taking me under their wings. This summer I went to Dead and Co. at Oracle Park and never dreamed I would be back there the very next week playing for Giants’ GD tribute day alongside some of my favorite musicians.”

Bella and Zach Nugent

Bella Rayne has a talent and musical taste that transcends generations — unusual for a girl her age. Although she wasn’t alive during the heyday of the Grateful Dead and never had the chance to witness Jerry’s legendary performances, seeing her on stage would make you think otherwise. Although she just picked up guitar a few years ago, Bella’s life has been rooted in music, especially the music of the Dead. A huge fan of grunge and punk rock, Bella’s journey to truly appreciating the Grateful Dead evolved on its own much to her Dead Head parents’ approval and although she enjoys playing many different genres from southern rock to jam bands to 90s grunge and alternative, the Grateful Dead holds a special place in her heart. “The Dead community has been so supportive and I just love watching everyone in the crowd…from the spinners to the hula hoopers. I totally vibe off of them and the energy is incredible. Getting to be a tiny part of one of the biggest legacies in the world is such a cool thing and it’s an honor to be able to keep the Dead alive for the younger generation. I just love playing music and it’s what I wanna do every chance I get. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

See Bella Rayne sit with The Alligators this Friday 1/20 in Ventura!