Headliners and Super Groups Keep The Deadhead

Community Thriving At This Year’s Skull & Roses

We hold these truths to be self-evident that the main goal of SKULL & ROSES is to create a community for Deadheads to have a great time, revel in the band and history that we all love, continue the ethos the Jerry, Bobby, Phil, Pigpen, Billy, and Mickey inadvertently began to build back in the 60’s, and experience the “Grateful Dead consciousness” that even Garcia himself recognized as a pretty real deal (via Far Out Magazine).

With that comes the responsibility to create an environment and event for fans to witness and embrace all the different bands that have come about because of the Dead. Enjoy it. Smile. Dance. Keep it going. It’s a cross-generational, let’s see the beauty of all this succeed well into the future kind of thang, man. You dig? We are all entitled to our opinion, and see things from our own perspective. But, whatever the case may be, the intention here is crystal clear and pure.

To this day, nearly 60 years onward, there are still Grateful Dead-inspired acts popping up all over the place, across the nation, from city to city, bringing their own unique interpretations to the music that we all love. Just look at the Hyryder’s, Bearly Dead’s, Dead Set 805’s and many others that are building their own rabid base of fans as evidence to that fact. But, for this particular jaunt down that Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion), we are taking a look at some of the bands and musicians that have been doing this for just a touch more than one hot minute.

Just peep the headliners and supergroups that are featured on the lineup card this year. Dark Star Orchestra is making their third appearance; Golden Gate Wingmen return for the first time since 2018 (and first shows since 2020); Sages & Spirits going back-to-back; Melvin Seals & JGB have played at every S&R; and then two newcomers to the fest….the incredible Garcia Grisman Revisited quartet and Joe Marcinek’s Dead Funk Summit with one hell of a funky lineup. All these cats have been doing this for a long time, some 30-40+ years.

If the proof is in the pudding, then this is some damn tasty pudding.

Check out some info and videos from each of the aforementioned acts below to help whet that appetite.

DSO “Mr. Charlie” from SKULL & ROSES 2022

Dark Star Orchestra will finish a sold out two-week run of shows across the West Coast this coming weekend. Their full headlining 2-set show on Sunday is sure to be an epic performance. What show will they recreate at SKULL & ROSES this year? You’ll have to be there to find out. (video courtesy of Relix)

Golden Gate Wingmen return after an appearance in 2018 featuring John Kadelicik, Jay Lane, Reed Mathis, and Jeff Chimenti. There is some serious cred in this band from Furthur, Dead & Co., Bob Weir & Wolf Bros, Billy & The Kids and on, these guys don’t get together as a quartet very often. When they do, we’re all in for something special. (video courtesy of GRUNZY CHANNEL)

Golden Gate Wingmen Set 1 from SKULL & ROSES 2023

Sages & Spirits “Feel Like A Stranger” from SKULL & ROSES 2023

Sages & Spirits passionately carry on the message and anthems of the beloved Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band with an incredible lineup featuring Melvin Seals, Rob Eaton, John Kadlecik, Jay Lane, Rob Barraco, Skip Vengelas and Jake Wolf. They will return once again to S&R and recently played a sold-out, two-night Denver run in January.

Melvin Seals & JGB return to share their special mix of all the tunes you know and love. Their recent packed-house show at The Warfield in San Francisco is a testament to the incredible vibe and energy Seals & Co. bring to the Deadhead faithful. (video courtesy of GRUNZY CHANNEL)

Melvin Seals & JGB from SKULL & ROSES 2023

Garcia Grisman Tribute “Friend of the Devil” at Delfest 2023

Garcia Grisman Revisited will share Garcia’s deep dive into bluegrass and old-time music that forged his long, fruitful bond with Grisman. Stu Allen, Ronnie McCoury, Joe Craven and Jim Kerwin came together for their only other appearance at DelFest last year in Maryland. This is a set that needs to be witnessed.

Joe Marcinek’s Dead Funk Summit is bringing some extra flavor to the table, as Marcinek always delivers an incredible group of musicians from across the spectrum with his supergroups. In this case, the guitarist/singer has enlisted the ever-renowned Melvin Seals on keys, Galactic drummer Stanton Moore, Dumpstaphunk bassist Tony Hall, and The String Cheese Incident percussionist/drummer Jason Hann for what is sure to be a high-energy set that will have all the kids Dancing In The Street (or Lot, whichever you prefer).

Dead Funk Summit “Shakedown Street” w/ Melvin Seals and George Porter Jr. in New Orleans 202