Steve Kim – Alligators

Steve plays a Scarlet Fire guitar made by Leo Elliott called “Lion”. His pickups are the DiMarzio SDS-1 in the neck position and the DiMarzio Super II in the bridge and middle positions. The guitar is wired with the OBEL (on board effects loop) and has the Waldo buffer driving it. Steve’s pick of choice is the Adamas Graphite 2.0mm. He uses Stringjoy strings gauged 10-48. The effects pedals include the Sarno Solar Flare distortion and the Sarno Earth Drive overdrive. Steve plays thru a preamp from a 1971 Fender Twin Reverb which has the “SPUD” mod by Wald Electronics. The final stage is the McIntosh Mc50 amplifier driving a pair of JBL E120 speakers.