Tales from the Green Room Podcast w/ Jay Lane, Samson Grisman, and Dave Ellis

Ever wonder what actually happens in The Green Room? The imagination runs amok, and deservedly so. Wild, crazy parties; unspeakable acts of debauchery; sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll! You wouldn’t be wrong. While that has happened, it is mainly just some chill pre- and post-show hangs amongst artists and friends, and can turn into some really fun storytelling, reminiscing, and a whole lotta laughs. Oh, to be a fly on the wall though. Let Tales from the Green Room podcast with hosts Dennis Strazulo and Tami Larson take you there with some great interviews and storytelling.

If you ever thought Jay Lane (Dead & Co., Wolf Bros) might be one to tell a good story, well you would be right. Lane, who will appear at SKULL & ROSES with Sages & Spirits and Golden Gate Wingmen discusses, candidly, how he met Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman, and finally came to play some Grateful Dead music for the first time. He gives backstory of playing with Weir and Wasserman as Scaring the Children, which eventually turned into RatDog and acted as Bob’s coping mechanism after Jerry passed away. He also tells some hilarious and interesting stories about weed, acid, psychedelics, and more.

Samson Grisman, accomplished bassist in his own right and son of legendary mandolinist David Grisman goes behind the scenes growing up as a wide-eyed youngster with his father and crossing paths with so many influential artists, especially at Sweetwater Music Hall (which is where this particular interview takes place).

Renowned sax player, Dave Ellis, shares stories of his lifelong friendship with Lane, along with meeting and sitting in with a very sad Bob Weir during the Scaring the Children years post-Jerry, Lane leaving the Charlie Hunter Trio (which they were both in) to play w/ RatDog, which he eventually joined in ’96, and some more interesting tidbits of history. This is the stuff us fans eat up!

This interview is from December 2022, but it is worth the listen and seems apropos given Lane’s two confirmed appearances at SKULL & ROSES, as well as the second-only gig for Garcia Grisman Revisited featuring Stu Allen, Ronnie McCoury, Joe Craven, and Jim Kerwin, following their debut at DelFest in May of 2023.

Link: https://greenroom.transistor.fm/episodes/chatting-with-jay-lane-samson-grisman-dave-ellis-in-sweetwater-music-hall