The Artful Fun of KrazyKatCreations

By Trina Calderón

For some of us, it’s just a light waiting to be turned on. 

Jen Fountain

“I found the Grateful Dead in high school, and just started showing up! My first Dead show of any kind was Dark Star Orchestra in 2005. Then Ratdog, and Phil & Friends, and that was that. I have been chasing the music around ever since,” visual artist Jen Fountain shared. 

And that music encouraged her to create art. On Further tour, she manifested KrazyKatCreations, designing and selling pins. Super creative and mega inspired by psychedelia and the music of the Grateful Dead, Jen makes radical collages, stickers, and cards. Originally from Rochester, NY, on the tail end of the last Further tour she decided to settle in the west and call California home. Feeding off the sun and the west coast vibe, she continues to create and sell her art online and on the lot.

An important form of self-expression, Jen has been making art ever since she can remember. Her eye for combining elements of the natural and mystic world in an exceptionally surreal context show the way she sees the world around her. Fantasy, animals, and color find themselves together in her work. Using images of Frida Kahlo, Bob Weir, and other cosmic symbols with geometric symmetry, her designs are meticulously dreamed to form psychedelic portals for the imagination. An homage to counterculture, her fun artwork finds a progressive path to mind expansion.

“I love all things vintage and am always looking back in order to look forward. My aesthetic is all over the place, it all depends on what I am being influenced by in that moment. Whether it’s an artist I’ve discovered, a landscape I am traipsing, a movie I’ve watched, the songs I am obsessed with in that moment… there’s always something new to spark my inspiration!” Jen explained.

Even if the wordplay is not literal, she connects her images with words. Also, a poet, Jen uses prose to inform her artwork. Often, poems come to her, and she chooses to translate them into images. Her collages are like puzzles. “Each piece has its rightful place it needs to be in order for the picture to come together as a whole. You just have to track down all of the pieces yourself! Most of the time though it feels like some inner intuitive source is guiding me and I just go with it,” Jen said about her process.

The influence of the Grateful Dead music and community in her work have helped grow her world. She loves meeting new people and jumping in their ride or going to their house and seeing that they already have some of her art. She recalls, “I have made so many awesome connections sharing my art and it’s one of the best things about being an artist. I got to meet Phil and give him a pin I designed of him, a Terrapin Phil. That was special. When he saw his friend who introduced us afterward, he showed him how he was still wearing it and he loved it!”