Why Ventura?

There’s a bunch of reasons why our founder, Chris M., thought Ventura would be perfect.

There’s the “widely documented” undersea alien bases just offshore between the Fairgrounds and the channel islands….hey, don’t think that’s not attractive!

There’s the overall funky nature of the place, which is why the Dead could play eleven shows there (and Jimi Hendrix and Phish after them).  And if you don’t think Jerry didn’t appreciate funk as a quality, keep in mind that he truly loved playing in one of the dumpiest rat traps of all time, the Keystone Berkeley, where the primary design element was an inch of beer on the floor.

The Pacific Ocean adds a nice touch, if you care for magnificent beauty.  

But really it’s about soul.  It has it.  If Babe Ruth could hit home runs there one spring training when the Ventura Yankees actually did play there, reportedly sinking a sailboat with one of his mashed dingers into the water…. 

You can’t improve on perfection.

Welcome to Skull and Roses!

Cheers, the folks from S & R